Group Leaders

A Mark Group reflects its leaders’ individual personalities and relationship. Meet us all at a Mark Group and find the community that matches your interests and passion.


Suzanne and Matt

Suzanne and Matt bring a unique combination of laugh-out-loud humor mixed with insight, empathy, and love to their provocative Mark Groups

Suzanne and Matt have been in a passionate, loving relationship since 1992 (that’s more than 20 years!) and have been going to Mark Groups for almost as long. Suzanne is an ordained wedding officiant, a tantrika, and a relationship coach. Matt is a professional game designer and entrepreneur, and was a comedy performer in an improv company where he met Suzanne and Margret in the 90s.

Together, Suzanne and Matt produce More courses in New York, and lead Mark Groups regularly.






Margret loves orgasms, motherhood, art, French food and European chocolate.

Margret is an actress, writer and mother. She came to her first Mark Group in 1995, and became a New York Morehouse resident in 2001. Margret’s passion for Mark Groups and the Morehouse Intentional Community stems from her desire to be part of a community that knows how to love each other, no matter what tragedies or joys life may bring.

Margret is affiancd to Bobby, her partner for 7 years.





Deborah and Keith

Deborah and Keith-the most experienced Mark Group leaders in New York-have been leading their fun and often explicit style of Mark Group since 1989

Deborah and Keith have been happily married since 2008. They met at a Mark Group Leaders meeting in 1989 and have been in a loving relationship ever since. They moved into the New York Morehouse more than 20 years ago and have been participating in More courses for even longer than that. Together they share a combined total of 55 years going to, and leading Mark Groups.

They are both graduates of the Morehouse Expansion of Sexual Potential. (If you want to know what that is you’ll have to come to a Mark Group to find out!)